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Business field

Senlis provides bespoke one-stop solutions, handling the process from ideation to final delivery.




Offline events : movie screenings, trade shows, press events, celebrity events.

Online events : talk show, seminar, etc.

Production Materials

Design and production of products, promotional items, premium goods, POPs.

Spatial branding of business space, office, show room, event space.

Marketing/Advertising Services

Planning and management of TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, OOH, and Internet advertising.

Planning and production of promotion.


UI / UX design, production, and management.

Planning and production of Internet advertising and promotions.


Planning and production of television programs, trailers, video production.

Planning, editing, publishing of books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, etc

Display system sales

Import sales of 3D system “dreamoc” made by RealFiction  A/S (Denmark).  

Planning and production of 3D videos/contents for "dreamoc".

​About MR Display

MR (Mixed Reality) has been in the spotlight in recent years as a technology which fuses the real world with the world of video.

Senlis has been the official partner of Danish company Real Fiction for their MR display since 2009. By combining product or service emblems with 3DCG holographic imagery, it becomes possible to give a new level of tangibility to brand experiences.


Past Works

NetEase Games「大三国志」Promotion movies [Planning and Production] / Dyson Airwrap Promotion leaflets [Design and Production] / Dyson Airwrap Teleshopping channels [Casting] / NONIO ART WAVE AWARD [Planning and Production, Management and Operation] / Lexus LS Press Reveal [Planning and Production] / Lexus Design Award [Planning and Production, Management and Operation, annual] / EDM incorporated.  50th anniversary ceremony [Planning and Production , Management and Operation] / RAKUGO (Traditional comic-story telling) Performance by Mr. Shunputei Ichinosuke at the Ikegami Honmonji temple [Promotion , Management and Operation] / Short film "smoke"(Director:Cody Fuwa) [Planning and Production] / Video for LEXUS CT200h on WEB [Planning and Production] / Showcase Presentation LEXUS CT200h [Planning and Production] / Visegrad 4 countries ~ European Quartett One Melody Concert ~ [Production] / ETC (European Travel Association) Media Day [Directing cooperation] / 'LEXUS ART WORKS' caravan nationwide [Production , Implementation] / Press release of the new-car, and exhibit at Tokyo National Museum [Planning and Production] / Dreamoc was adopted at the exhibition of TBS DORAMA "IRIS - - Iris" / Held "Health Plus", Social fitness events / 100 films for Yahoo! Japan Web site "myzo" [Production] / ASAHI BREWERIES sales promotion at retail shops all over Japan [Planning and Production, Management and Operation] etc...

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